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Friday, February 27, 2015

AZ on Top

Reminds me of a great Japanese noodle bar down in LA's Little Tokyo, where the menu used to offer "Kirin on Top." Anyway, on to the matter at hand, one of the most common questions I hear, perhaps third behind "but where do you go to the bathroom?" and "dude, what do the babes think?" is...

"Out of all the places you've visited, which one is your favorite?"

I've always been at a loss for a definitive answer, so usually go with something pathetic like, "I've seen so many beautiful places, choosing just one is impossible."

Until now. Arizona has officially won me over. Vast swaths of wide open wilderness to choose from, elevation changes up the wazoo to make dialing in the right temperature a snap, and just enough of those city places to provide everything a nomad might need – if I had to pick one state to confine my travels to year-round, pound for pound, Arizona would be at the top of the list.

The sunsets consistently deliver too.

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