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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I'm really sorry for the total silence of late folks, and appreciate the growing stream of concerned emails that are coming in. I'm still in New Jersey, and have been very busy helping out my Mom in her protracted battle with cancer. Not much else is happening, and I'm not sure that she'd want any more detail than that hanging out for the entire planet to read, so I'll leave it at that. She's hanging tough though.

The photo is from a recent two-day respite along the Cheat River over in eastern West Virginia. Sure, boondocking in the east is nothing compared to what lies out west, but with a little effort, one can still do okay.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

In Review

Quiet times here in semi-rural New Jersey, where thanks to one of my bro's car ramps, I've been able to level out the spaceship in a corner of the driveway overlooking a lush forest preserve. Pretty good stuff.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Not a color you generally associate with New Jersey, but don't let the typical view while descending into Newark fool you – green is a serious thing here. Especially after the ten relentless days of rain that marked my arrival. 

So a couple of weeks of blog silence and I'm fully recovered from all that van-build fatigue, marking the occasion a few days ago by fixing the transmission leak that's been dogging me for a few months. The shop here is far from Q-worthy, but my bro's trio of collector cars means the place is decently equipped to handle an above-average number of repair jobs.

I'll be living it up in the corner of the driveway for a little while, helping Mom through a rough patch health-wise, keeping the nieces in line, and doing what I can to make sure the craft beer collection out in the garage doesn't spiral out of control.