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Friday, July 22, 2016


Following a long and difficult battle, Mom passed away peacefully early last week, with my bro and me right by her side.

happier times, about a zillion years ago
The mood here is obviously sad, but there's also an undeniable sense of relief that her struggles are finally over. Regardless of what you believe happens next (i.e. after death), that in itself is a beautiful thing in light of all that she has endured in recent years.

Those two squirts pictured above have made up one hell of a team in dealing with all that needs to be dealt with at a time like this, and now that things are beginning to settle down, my bro is urging me to come out of blog retirement soon. And I suppose he's right – at some point, one does have to get back to the business of living. 

Thank you all for your patience during these mostly silent few months. It's looking like I'll be rolling again before long.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Ten year old girls take their playdates pret-ty seriously these days. Behold the youngest niece's bulleted agenda for today's action:

Yes, Ultimate Mansion. Easily topping kiddie pool, pillow fight, and even the venerable Slip'n Slide. Higher praise for the spaceship could prove tough to find.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I'm really sorry for the total silence of late folks, and appreciate the growing stream of concerned emails that are coming in. I'm still in New Jersey, and have been very busy helping out my Mom in her protracted battle with cancer. Not much else is happening, and I'm not sure that she'd want any more detail than that hanging out for the entire planet to read, so I'll leave it at that. She's hanging tough though.

The photo is from a recent two-day respite along the Cheat River over in eastern West Virginia. Sure, boondocking in the east is nothing compared to what lies out west, but with a little effort, one can still do okay.