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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Super Bloom

Curious to check out the wildflower super bloom I keep hearing about, I rolled up to the Carrizo Plain a few days ago, turned down a random dirt road, passed a sign warning that the road becomes something of a non-road in wet weather, took note of the relatively bone-dry conditions, and picked out a nice little spot to call home for a stretch.

7AM the next morning, I was awoken by a heavy downpour that lingered for a couple of hours, and just like that, I was marooned – and not 24 hours after returning to the open road. Pretty cool stuff. Of course, with a fridge stocked with plenty of food and beer, and bright yellow and orange for miles in all directions, being marooned never looked so good. 

Some decent binoculars entertainment yesterday as one cityslicking wildflower seeker after another attempted a long stretch of mud about a quarter mile from my campsite. The failure rate was a solid 100% for anything without all-wheel drive, and even some of them couldn't make it. Not much more a humble 2WD nomad could do but walk down and offer a tow strap to the proceedings.

Funny how so many had presumably come up here to see the wildflowers, proceeded to get mired in the middle of a vast sea of them for miles and miles, then just sat in their cars for hours waiting to be rescued. Once pulled back to dry ground, most just turned around and left. The humans do still confound.