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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quantum Leap

Yeah, it's been pretty quiet around here for a while, but if it's any consolation, my relative silence over these past couple of months has been offset by some pretty nice improvements to the spaceship. Things are winding down now though, and with the open road once again calling my name, things stand a decent chance of returning to some semblance of normal soon. In the meantime, a few updates on what's been going on lately.

That's the latest view of the solar array, following a reworking of the wiring to achieve a much cleaner result. Lots of other smaller projects have been wrapped up in recent weeks too, but my biggest triumph is the new 24" external LED monitor that's been added to the mobile mix:

For a few months, I had been staring up at the ceiling above the desk and thinking...what if there was a monitor up there that could fold down when needed, and disappear back out of view when not? Then I came across the perfect size display on Amazon for a measly $110, ran the whole nutty idea by Q, and we commenced to figuring...

A few days of trial and error at the milling table followed, as we fabricated the whole thing from raw aluminum and a a little bit of steel. The results are nothing short of spectacular. Here's a shot of the monitor all folded up and nicely secured to that area above the desk:

The whole thing unfolds and is ready for action in seconds, it only draws about an amp and a half, and when secured to the ceiling, it doesn't even come close to getting in the way of any of the cabinets. And because the monitor's AC wall wart puts out 12 volts DC, wiring it directly into the spaceship's fuse panel was a snap. It's the perfect van-based external monitor and truly a massive improvement to my workspace. A quantum leap forward for movie nights too, thanks in part to the new stereo and seats.