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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Brakes & Stereo

Leisurely yet productive days of late, parked out back in the "repair bay" for easy access to all the tools. New brake shoes, along with various springs and other bits that make up the Vanagon's rear brake system are now in, but unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to get a photo of the end result while I was in there. If you look closely though, you should be able to see the warm glow that can only come from fresh brake parts.

The spaceship's stereo installation has also taken various twist and turns over the past couple of weeks, as I've put about a half dozen different amplifiers to the test before finally settling on the one that was right for the job. Then I decided to install an additional pair of speakers in the front door panels, followed by a pre-amp to boost the signal a bit and also offer some basic EQ options.

That's the slightly blingy pre-amp underneath the keyboard above. The actual amplifier is hidden under the desk with the rest of the van's electrical guts. And note the snappy additions to the DC Panel of Modern Wonders – a new rocker switch to toggle the whole system on and off (second from the bottom), and a retractable mini aux in stereo cable to easily connect my phone, laptop, or tablet. 

With four speakers pumping out music now, I'm literally bathing in stereo wonderland, and it sounds particularly great from the comfort of the new passenger swivel seat. Like the new news, this is yet another upgrade I should've made a long time ago.

More to come...