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Monday, February 6, 2017


One last stretch of peace along Pinyon Ridge, perched high above Borrego Springs...

...and it was time to man up, face the Traffic, and roll back to Q's compound. There I was, tooling along the 210 in one of the middle lanes, just minding my own business, when some dude in a gray Accord pulls up to my left, leans over his passenger seat, and gives me the finger. No idea what I had done wrong, so I just gave him the peace sign and then watched as he cut in front of me to just barely make the next exit. Welcome back to LA.

A warmer welcome awaited at Q's, where among the many changes that took place during my long absence, I found a bed of gravel covering my usual spot. Not bad, and it beats some stranger's middle finger every day of the week.

Various spaceship improvement projects are on the agenda. Nothing too major – at least nothing rivaling an engine swap or hightop upgrade, but some pretty cool stuff nonetheless. Stay tuned.