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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Impossible Mission

I'm typically late to the party when it comes to this sort thing, so forgive if me if this is old hat by now:

Brilliant stuff, this Amazon Locker, and I've really been milking it during what has turned out to be a prolonged stretch in the big city. To the uninitiated, Amazon Locker essentially gives one a place to receive Amazon shipments – perfect for nomads, though I doubt if that was their intent. 

You simply enter the shipping address for the nearest Locker when ordering (predictably, they only appear to be in bigger cities so far), you receive an email when the package arrives, you roll up in your house and scan a bar code from said email, and BAM – one of the locker doors suddenly opens up to reveal your package. I'm not sure which I like better – that the service is free, or that it makes me feel a little bit like a secret agent picking up the top secret dossier containing details for my next assignment. 

Cue the immortal 5/4 groove – Your mission, should you choose to accept it...escape from this concrete jungle and find solitude among the cacti...