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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

36 Seconds

Ten long minutes after taking this photo...

...I sat staring at the very same 36 second promise. How is it that, despite all the seemingly miraculous wonders that elevate our lives to a historically unprecedented level of convenience and comfort, something so simple as progress bar accuracy still belongs to the realm of unicorns, leprechauns, and those damn flying cars we were supposed to have 20 years ago?

This is all part of an experiment I'm engaged in at the moment – to find out if Apple's tiny 12 inch MacBook can possibly be enough to handle all of my laptop needs. Judging by the size comparison alone, it definitely looks like a more appropriate setup for the van-based minimalist:     

All of its performance benchmarks blow away the relative monstrosity I've been schlepping around since I first hit the road, it's less than a third the weight, easily half as thick, it draws half the power, and has more than double the battery life...what's not to love? Sure, the screen is a lot smaller, but I'm not opposed to rigging up a modest external monitor setup in the van if I decide it's necessary. 

Early days though. I'm still immersed in the tedious process of unhinging my entire digital life of the past eight years from the old and getting it up and running seamlessly on the new. I swear it's almost harder than moving to a new house. A non-wheeled one, that is.