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Thursday, October 13, 2016


Perched atop the driveway at cul de sac's edge, intent on soaking up as much of the dwindling late afternoon sun as possible, I'm once again back in the tony semi-rural suburbs of central New Jersey.

My day job this time around sounds simple enough – clear out all of the furniture, equipment, and supplies in Mom's sewing room in preparation for putting her house on the market. But that sewing room is actually a sewing level, and so the task is anything but simple. 

I've made solid progress over the past week or two, but as I write this, seven(!) different machines remain, along with about a zillion attachments and accessories. Oh, and the thread. Miles and miles of serger thread, quilting thread, embroidery thread...Mom had quite a thing for the stuff, and my rough estimate puts the total somewhere north of 3000 spools. On an encouraging note, I sold off a couple hundred or so this week. Roughly the equivalent of tossing a deck chair or two off the Titanic.

And no, the irony of sticking the family minimalist with this job is not lost on me. But then, who better to pair down a house full of stuff than the one person who has actually done that once before? Nonetheless, to any sewing enthusiasts out there who might be in the market for some good stuff, drop me a line. The sooner I finish this, the sooner I can get back out on the open road.