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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Ah yes, Fall. Where better to soak it up for a while than smack in the middle of the Garden State?

Rolling back into New Jersey last Saturday, I took a detour through the old neighborhood, including a leisurely stroll around the grounds of my high school. The band was out on the football field practicing, so I snuck into the band room to see what long-forgotten memories might bubble to the surface. 

Of course, it's been almost thirty years, so precisely no one remains from when I walked the halls. Mildly depressing, so it was pretty cool to discover that the plaque listing all of the school's past John Philip Sousa Band Award winners is still going strong (see lower right in the photo below). 

I had totally forgotten about this, egregious misspelling and all. I wonder how often some punk who wasn't even born until the 21st century looks up at that plaque and says, "Morrisetle...where's that guy now?"