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Saturday, September 10, 2016


So yeah, this.

You live on wheels long enough, push the envelope enough times, and it's bound to happen. I take it all in stride by now though. After all, I have to be somewhere at any given moment, so what's so terrible about the above? Decent view, stocked fridge, cozy bed, plenty of electricity, and as luck would have it, high tide was a mere ten minutes away. Swish.

The angle would've been slightly problematic for sleeping though, so after enjoying the oceanfront vibe for a while, I walked the quarter mile or so back to the nearest road, came upon a house with a beefy 4x4 truck parked outside, and introduced myself to the guy hanging out on the front porch.

Phil was wearing a Bosox t-shirt, so between that and the high tide thing, I must've been in one hell of a zone. Thanks to that, Phil's truck, and my trusty tow strap, I was back on hard ground faster than you can say AL East Champs. 

Sure, there's still a few weeks of baseball left, but what's the harm in a little positive thinking?