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Thursday, September 22, 2016


Semi-nomadic friend Ted invited me out to his rustic island retreat a couple of days ago. So rustic that I had to park the van at a landing and have him schlep me out to the place on his boat. There's a lot to like about having a remote island to yourself, not the least of which is the fresh lobster free for the picking anytime you want it. Ol' Ted definitely has some stuff figured out...

Back in the van the next morning, I'm driving up the steep road from the landing, hit a big bump, my overhead bulkhead cabinet door pops open (first time that's ever happened), and out falls my horn. Not good. 28 years I've been playing the same vintage Selmer, it's been all over the world with me, and never has it been damaged in the slightest. Until yesterday.

So here I am in Portland for a couple of days, where I'm relieved to have found Adam Montminy's shop tucked above a Penske truck rental place. As I type this, he's working to bring the old girl back to life, and I'm left to pace nervously around town in the meantime. The damage isn't nearly as bad as it easily could have been, so...guarded optimism folks, guarded optimism.