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Friday, August 5, 2016


Van-based morning eggs are officially back on the menu.

After a month or so of air-conditioned luxury in Mom's condo, my imminent departure coupled with cooler temperatures led me to move back into my own "condo" a few days ago. You'd think that going from 2000 square feet down to around 50 would require significant adjustment, but I settled right in, that familiar "it's good to be home" feeling unmistakably present.

There's just something about having everything you own within arm's reach, and I increasingly wonder if I'll ever want it any other way.

Now I just need to get those round rubber things turning to complete the picture. First things first though. I took apart the front brake calipers earlier this week, cleaned them up, installed new rubber seals, and also replaced the brake pads while I was in there. There are a few other very minor things I want to do to the spaceship this weekend, and then it'll be time to go.

People always ask, "What day? What time?"

I just shrug and tell them that I won't know until I know.

And that's when I'll roll.