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Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Beginning

I checked in with the spaceship during a short break from work today, and she's looking as poised as ever for the road ahead. 

I should wrap up this onslaught of work in the next day or two, and then after a few more days of preventive van maintenance and hang time with the family, I'll fire up the engine and set out once again on the wide open road. There's not much more to guide my path but a palpable desire for cooler weather, and that's as much of a plan as I care to have for now.

It's hard to believe that ten solid months have passed since I was last free to wander – starting with last fall's tour of New Zealand, then the five knuckle-busting months that it took to complete the van's hightop upgrade, and then of course these most recent challenging few months here in New Jersey.

It's time I got back to it, and maybe it's fitting that departure day looks to fall right around the seven year anniversary of my move to wheeled living. In two very different ways, it feels like a new beginning, between finally getting to put the radically improved van to an extended road test, and the sad truth that one less reader will be following the story from now on.

Onward, soon.