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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Air Conditioning

Just as I was starting to entertain the possibilities of finally getting back out on the open road for a while, an onslaught of music work materialized, accompanied by the usual ridiculous deadline. So things are on hold for just a bit longer, as I spend long days chasing the little black dots here in Mom's kitchen.

No, it's not nearly as happening as the van's new music desk setup, but it does have central air conditioning going for it. With the "feels like" temperature hitting triple digits here lately, the van has been temporarily abandoned in the corner of my bro's driveway, and I've been basking in the enormity of Mom's condo for a while now. Picture it – entire rooms to run around in while flailing my arms in all directions. It'll be interesting to see how van life hits me after this, but I don't expect any issues.