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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Not a color you generally associate with New Jersey, but don't let the typical view while descending into Newark fool you – green is a serious thing here. Especially after the ten relentless days of rain that marked my arrival. 

So a couple of weeks of blog silence and I'm fully recovered from all that van-build fatigue, marking the occasion a few days ago by fixing the transmission leak that's been dogging me for a few months. The shop here is far from Q-worthy, but my bro's trio of collector cars means the place is decently equipped to handle an above-average number of repair jobs.

I'll be living it up in the corner of the driveway for a little while, helping Mom through a rough patch health-wise, keeping the nieces in line, and doing what I can to make sure the craft beer collection out in the garage doesn't spiral out of control.