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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Wall, Ceilings, Foam

Slow but measured progress this week, as the whole front wall/cabinet fixture behind the driver's seat  is now totally finished, trimmed out, and meshing rather well with things.

Dig the snappy new tongue and groove ceiling too. I was looking for a way to finish the front and rear ceilings while leaving those slick red beams exposed, and this 1/4" thick pine wainscotting paneling I found at Lowe's fits the bill perfectly. Both the front and rear ceilings are now covered with the stuff.


Also shown above, note the new handles I installed on the front of the sliding bed platform, in addition to some new super-firm 3" foam that I've been testing out for the past few nights. I was previously using a 4" thick full-size futon mattress up there, but it proved to be just a bit too big in every dimension, and I think it was also giving me some minor allergy issues. Anyway, this new stuff is working out great, so the next step in that department will be to find some natty fabric to cover the foam with. 

I'm just about finished redoing the rear overhead cabinet front (the part that should be hiding all those clothes in the photo above), and then it'll finally be time to hit everything with polyurethane.