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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Polyurethane, Swivel, Doors

First, a shot of the van's exterior, if only because it's been a while, what with all this damn cabinetry...

Speaking of which, upon finishing the rear overhead storage cabinet two days ago...

...I launched into covering all of the new stuff with three coats of polyurethane yesterday. Somewhere in between coats two and three, I tore out the wall behind the passenger seat and installed my new swivel seat base. It took less than two hours, and man, this may just be the best upgrade of all. The interior feels so much more open now, and of course, having a comfortable chair at last is cool too.

You may recall that my Olympian Wave 3 catalytic heater was installed on that wall behind the passenger seat, so it had to come out. All part of the master plan, however, as I'll be installing a Propex forced air furnace at some point in the coming days.

Moving on, having wrapped up the all-day polyurethane-palooza yesterday, I cut all of the cabinet doors today...

...and then veneered the edges this evening in preparation for another tango with the polyurethane tomorrow.

It's all coming together.