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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Electrical Relocation

No better way to celebrate the completion of the kitchen than to dive right into the the last major part of this renovation – the workspace. Beginning, of course, with a bit of cathartic destruction...

In order to make room for my workspace plans, however, it was necessary to move all of the electrical guts up and back to the dead space just behind the engine cover – something I don't believe I've ever seen done in a Vanagon before. Which means I'm either a pioneer or I've completely lost my mind. Possibly both. 

In the interest of ensuring that my enormous house battery stays put in its new elevated home, Q and I set about fabricating a pretty snappy steel tray for it to sit in. 

Here it is drying in the sun yesterday, just a little over a day after we first came up with the concept:

Amazing how welding makes so many cool things possible. This new battery tray is now bolted through the floor of the van, and the battery itself is strapped to the brackets welded to the tray's sides. Simply put, she's not going anywhere. 

It took a few tedious days to get the entire electrical system moved to the new location shown above, with all wires rerouted cleanly, but the area in front of the sloping firewall is now a totally blank canvas for my diabolical workspace vision. Well worth the effort. Next up, I'll get the new heater installed before I turn my attention to covering all of this stuff up with my new desk.