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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cabinet Doors

At long last, the cabinet doors are in, all cabinet hardware has been installed, and the kitchen is now finished.

The above photo was actually taken a couple of days ago, so doesn't totally depict the current state of affairs, but it's pretty close. In addition to what you see above, I've installed my homemade LED lighting above the sink/stove area, and there's now another shelf in the space to the right of the fridge. While you're looking over there, check out the new folding step that makes getting upstairs a breeze: 

You might be wondering how that can possibly be strong enough if mounted to mere plywood, but fear not, as behind that wooden exterior lies a very strong steel frame that I fabricated along with Q's welding assistance. Having someone around who's just looking for an excuse to fire up the welder sure is handy.

Back to the cabinet doors, most of them were pretty straightforward, but the big front bulkhead door posed a unique challenge, as I wanted to use a couple of stays so the door could lock in its open position. Mission accomplished:

Put just the right amount of downward pressure on that open door, and it gently closes into the catch with no further assistance. I was so tickled by how well it all worked out that I must've opened and closed that door a hundred times yesterday. Ah, simple pleasures.

Another welcome addition is the all-important flap that doubles as a countertop.

And finally, a quick look at the homemade LED under cabinet lighting in action this evening: 

That's the first non-AC-powered light I've had in the van in over a month, and an important indication that things are really starting to come together.