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Friday, February 12, 2016

Shell Game

Four days later, it doesn't really seem like there's a whole lot of progress to show, but somehow, I've managed to fill most of each day working hard on this upstairs bed platform contraption. It may not look like it, but I really have come a long way.

This thing is going to have to safely support a fair amount of weight while also being able to slide closed during the daytime, so there have been plenty of little problems to solve. And as recently as yesterday morning, I really didn't have a clear picture in my head of how or even if this was all going to work.

Then came an illuminating late morning post-coffee pow-wow with Q, clouds parted, angels sang, and it all came into focus.

Another day or two of work, and I'm guardedly optimistic that I'll be sleeping upstairs for the first time. That's an important milestone, as it will then allow me to tear into the downstairs while still having a place to sleep. It's all part of this ongoing shell game of renovating a van while continuing to live in it.