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Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Kitchen

Someday, I promise there will once again be photos here of something other than the interior of my spaceship, but alas, today is not that day.

Progress on the kitchen hums along nicely, though still at a turtle's pace. Blame it on all the odd angles and my need to stop frequently and make sure I know just what the hell I'm doing. Not necessarily in that order.

The face frames are finished on the lower half of the kitchen, and man, it's amazing how they make simple plywood cabinets pop. The propane stove has been in use for a couple of days now (which means full kitchen functionality has been restored), and I've also installed a new faucet – higher up, and with the ability to swivel the spout in either direction. Handy stuff.

I spent all day today chewing on the upper half of the kitchen, and after plenty of figuring, along with a bit of trial and error, it's now coming into focus. The big challenge lies in building cabinets that don't get in the way of the retractable bed platform, but I think I've got it.