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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

First World

Six days ago, I boldly yanked out the entire kitchen and started over from scratch. 

Which meant giving up running water, the stove, and the refrigerator. Borderline third-world living for a while there, but the amenities are slowly returning to action.

My Whynter dual-zone fridge had performed flawlessly for over two and a half years, but I eventually came to accept that it was more than I really needed. So in its place is a snappy new TruckFridge, which looks to be the perfect size. Best of all, it draws a measly 2.5 amps or so when the compressor is running.

To any fellow nomads out there who might be in the market for a Whynter dual-zone fridge/freezer, mine is now for sale. Unfortunately, shipping is really not a practical option for this, but if you're interested and happen to be in the Southern California area, let's talk.

Back to the kitchen progress, as I type this, I once again have both running water and refrigeration, and I'm now just a couple of propane fittings away from having a working stove. First-world living, here I come.