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Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Solar Setup

I'm nestled back beneath the sunshine and blue skies of SoCal after two weeks in the frigid northeast, and what better way to mark my return than by testing out the new flexible solar panel setup that arrived while I was gone?

That's a grand total of 330 watts that will eventually be affixed to the hightop – with no need for a bulky rack thanks to the super light weight of these babies. Very cool stuff, and if there's a good reason to go with rigid panels anymore, I guess I'll find out what it is at some point.

These flexible panels are still a fairly new technology, so this will be somewhat of an experiment, but the price was right, and I've read enough good things to be confident that I'll see at least several years of good performance. Not having to build a custom solar rack for the hightop is a huge bonus too.

Plenty to do still before I can put the new panels into service, but I'm officially back in the saddle.