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Thursday, January 14, 2016


It was a couple of days of nervous fretting as the glue cured, and while my MacGyver-esque ratchet strap concoction tediously eliminated the van's main entrance, it did perform the necessary job of keeping the top pressed securely into place. And so this morning, it was time to take the proverbial bandages off to see if I had somehow managed to get this very messy job right on the first try.

I loosened the straps, set the 2x4s on the ground, and stepped inside to test the adhesion, first with a timidness that revealed by nagging doubts that mere glue could ever possibly keep a hightop on a van, but then with increasingly heftier pushes. I'm a believer now – the top seems to be on quite solidly.

There's a little more sealing work to be done on the inside tomorrow, and then I guess it'll be time to take her out on the interstate just to see what happens. Hey now, what could possibly go wrong?