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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Moment of Truth

Work, weather, and my usual snail's pace are to blame for keeping things so quiet around here lately. Leave it to me to find a way to kill more than three days getting the stringers (rails that will eventually support the bed and bulkhead platforms) to fit to the contours of the roof, but I finally dialed them in to satisfaction today.

Those stringers are ten feet long, making them impossible to get inside the van once the top has been installed, so trimming them to fit properly was the final task before the Moment of Truth late this afternoon...

In hindsight, I'm surprised by how little trepidation I felt while drilling four huge holes in my roof, firing up the air hammer, and then launching myself so far past the point of no return. That air hammer made pretty quick work of the job, by the way, cutting fairly straight lines with ease, and leaving no dangerously sharp edges. Take note, all you upstairs-seeking grasshoppers.

As the youngsters like to say, things just got REAL around here.

Q and I gently set the recently Monstalined hightop back on the van shortly after sunset, and just like that there is standing room in my spaceship for the first time. It's positively cavernous in here. Of course, I still have to permanently adhere the top to the van, install the windows, and then kick off the considerable process of renovating the interior to make use of all this new space, but for tonight, I'm enjoying this milestone. 

Not much of a sneak peek, I know, but it's all I could manage given the hour and my anemic flash. More soon.