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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Halcyon days of late here at Q's compound, where I've been settled into the usual "patio-equipped" corner of the lot while plotting forthcoming van projects...

As you can see, the clubs are out from the back of Q's garage and in action again after a very long hiatus – this after I put on somewhat of an impromptu exhibition a month or so ago at Taupo, New Zealand's hole-in-one challenge.

No, I didn't win the big prize, but I did hit that tiny postage stamp of a platform eight or nine times in fifteen tries – not at all shabby for a guy who hasn't played the game seriously in almost a decade. Ever since that fateful day in sunny Taupo, the itch to resurrect my game has been gnawing at me, and that, in a very roundabout way, brings me to what's in store for the spaceship.

Simply put, an upstairs is forthcoming. No, not just so I'll have room to travel with my golf clubs, but I admit that will be a key perk of the upgrade. Not to mention the ability to stand up, considerably more storage space, and room for a few other nutty ideas that will be revealed in due time. I'm hoping to get started on this project in a few days, so watch this space.

In the meantime, a completely unrelated photo I snapped today of the sex-on-wheels that is Q's '71 XKE...