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Monday, November 30, 2015


A day off spent recovering from the long two-day drive to Sebastopol and back, and it was time to get cracking on the hightop today. You might not think there'd be a whole lot to it, but there's actually quite a list of things to take care of before the top is ready to go on the van permanently. And of course, doing it yourself as a total rookie at least triples the amount of time required.

That's me in stormtrooper mode this afternoon, doing my best to neither lose an eye nor inhale any fiberglass dust, all while carefully trimming the edges of the top so that it will rest evenly along the perimeter of the roof. Slow and tedious work, but I think I made it past the halfway mark.

It feels good to have a massive project like this in front of me once again. Every day starts with a clear objective, and even though the end may still be far out of sight, I just methodically plod along, resting my head each night knowing that I've made it one step closer.