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Monday, September 21, 2015

Plan B

Somewhere around 10,000 years ago, there was this guy who, armed with nothing more than a couple of rocks, patiently chinked away to come up with this bit of what we now call Legend Rock:

And there I stood 10,000 years later on that same spot, my spaceship parked a couple of dozen yards away, and I wondered – in this age of modern and disposable wonders, how much of what we create will enjoy even one tenth of that lifespan?

Such are the questions rolling around my head as I while away the remains of this Wyoming meander. 

A quick detour up to Cody to visit with fellow nomads Nina and Paul, then back down to Thermop for more soaking in the hot springs, carefully limping and lurching the whole way as my recently torn calf is slow to heal.

Staring at the map, I set one last course for Grand Teton before I start back towards LA next week. As usual, it takes me most of the day to drive even 100 miles, but after a peaceful night beside the rather ambitiously named Ocean Lake, and another leisurely all-day cruise amidst the early autumn colors of Wyoming's highway 287, those famed mountains finally appear on the horizon.

I decide to make camp for the night while still a good way from the Teton Range, just in time to cook a couple of burgers over the fire while watching the sun set over those snow-covered peaks. Thanks to this pesky injury, there won't be much hiking going on while in these parts, but if the view from this far out is any indication, sitting with a cold beer and just taking it all in doesn't seem like such a bad plan B.