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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


An ominous warning from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety web site:
Please note, we experience higher customer volume in the summer months so please be prepared for longer wait times. The best time to visit is mid-month, mid-week, or mid-morning. The busiest times are before and after a holiday weekend, Tuesdays, and Friday afternoons.

So as luck would have it, there I was, first thing on a Tuesday morning, the day after a holiday weekend, late summer, well short of anything that could be called mid-month, and at the only driver's license office in the second largest city in the state. Timing this any worse would have posed a real challenge.

Still, all of 20 minutes and 28 bucks later, including a downright pleasant exchange with the DPS staff, I was licensed to drive for another five years. A rather loose definition of "longer wait times" if you ask me, but then such are the perks of "residing" in a state with four times as many cattle as humans.