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Monday, September 7, 2015


It's been a peaceful, introspective, and mostly uneventful stretch out here on the open road lately, and I hope that the ensuing blog silence hasn't been interpreted as anything more than that.

After over a week amidst rolling fields of grass down in Wyoming...

...I'm now negotiating the asphalt of Rapid City in hopes of renewing my driver's license in the next day or two. 

It's been almost five years ago to the day since I was last here, and as I drive around reacquainting myself with the place, plenty of cool memories of those wet-behind-the-ears early days in The Falcon abound. Along with some painful memories of the $1600 I blew getting various repairs done here. 

Fittingly, while tending to a few minor maintenance tasks on the van this Labor Day morning, I was reminded of how liberating it is not having to pay for labor anymore. Take note nomadic grasshoppers – the value of living in a rig that you know inside and out cannot be overstated.