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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back to LA

With my next band touring stint just a week away, it's time I started crawling back to Los Angeles. Yes, as cost-effective as this mobile lifestyle can be, at some point one does have to go make some money. The timing couldn't be much better though – tour or no tour, the piles of firewood I'm starting to see everywhere are reason enough to get me moving south pretty soon.

And so the past few days have been filled by a slow, wayward crawl through some remote parts of Idaho, Utah, and once again Wyoming. Leave it to me to start out in Wyoming, see two other states, end up back in Wyoming again, and then call that some sort of progress.

I don't want to overdo the whole progress thing, however, as it's still pretty hot anywhere past the halfway point back to LA. Best to take my time closing in on where the heat gets brutal, and then finish off the journey in one swift after-dark swoop.

In the meantime, as much non-LA-like environs as I can manage. Which is like shooting fish in a barrel around here.