to simplify     notes from the open road

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Catching up after several days of lazy and mostly aimless meandering through the wilderness without a care in the world for cell coverage – amazing how this simple, defiant act opens up such pristine campsite possibilities. I recommend it.

From high atop the Cumberland Pass... down beside some babbling stream, tucked in deep among the pines. Shifting from one campsite to the next whenever the mood strikes, days filled with plenty of time for a man to get lost in thought, books, music, or the almighty long, leisurely walk...

The spaceship's induction stove gets a rest in these surroundings, and the grass-fed goodness is cooked over an open fire each night. And with a bit of luck, as was the case last night, a gnarly late-summer electrical storm affords plenty of quality after-dinner entertainment.

It's a simple life, but one that still suits me. Six years and counting, by the way – my August 5th anniversary snuck by quietly this year, but then, six doesn't seem like a milestone worth making a big splash about.