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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rain Delay

Yesterday at this time, I had bold visions of being tucked away in my humble tent on a peaceful, verdant expanse high above the tree line right about now, but instead, it's come to this sorry sight:

Yes, a paid campground, but believe it or not, that's actually some decent quality lemonade right there. Figuratively speaking.

The high likelihood of thunderstorms (i.e. lemons) led me to postpone the backpacking trip this morning, so I instead opted to snag an electrical hook-up at a nearby state park campground and spend the day performing an overdue conditioning charge on my house battery.

Unfortunately, this can't be done on solar power alone, as one must first bring the battery to a full charge, disconnect it from the system, and then toss 15.5 volts at it for eight solid hours. Even in mid-summer, there just isn't enough daylight for all that, but even if there was, I'd still need a way to power the fridge during those eight hours. Hence, the overpriced slab of pavement above.

But fear not, the pack's first outing still looms.