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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I've been working my way through Stephen Ambrose's excellent Undaunted Courage lately, which is his take on the famous Lewis and Clark expedition. In it, Ambrose laments the at times infuriatingly long lapses of silence in Lewis' log of the journey, and given its relative historical importance, this makes me feel considerably better about recent similar lapses in my own decidedly less historically important log. A thin thread of an excuse, but I cling to it.

Speaking of logs, I'm just back from an east coast trip to do family stuff, wherein I logged some quality Lincoln Logs time with the nine year old. Bozey the Cat kept an eye on things. That a nine year old in this age of the iGadget still digs the simplicity of those immortal notched dowels seems noteworthy. There may be hope for humanity yet.