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Friday, July 17, 2015

Fly by Night

One last test run of the tarp-tent today, with Quark on hand to supervise (dig the cool summer haircut), and friend and backpacking guru Greg's super-minimal tarp right next door for inspiration... 

I sealed the seams with silicone while I was at it, so she's pretty waterproof now, and after the shipment of additional gear that arrived today, I'm almost ready to take my first timid steps into the world of overnight backpacking. I do still need to find the right pack though. Details.

With a couple of months to kill before another tour starts up, and with the heat steadily climbing here in the Valley, it's once again time to roll to higher ground, peace and quiet, and the wide open expanse of the wilderness. All that stands in my way is a couple hundred miles or so of baking hot Mojave Desert, but I'm set on rising in the middle of this night to make the crossing long before the mercury tacks on that inevitable third digit.