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Monday, June 1, 2015

Winter in Summer

A couple of weeks in and around the humid tropics of Oz's northeast, and the band lumbers into chilly Wollongong for a 2 PM hit. This after a gig in Coloundra the night before, followed by a bus ride to Brisbane, three and a half hours of quasi-sleep (a new record for short hotel stay), 4 AM ride to the airport, flight to Sydney, and finally an hour and a half bus ride over to "the Gong," just in time for a sound check and show. 

The sea of gray-headed fans that await don't seem to notice that the band is barely conscious. Fooled 'em again, as they say.

Then sleep – the long and uninterrupted sort that this touring life typically reserves for the all-too-rare day off.

So June is officially upon us, which makes today the first day of winter. Just one more curious aspect to this place. Driving on the left, that whole Coriolis effect thing, the nighttime sky looks completely foreign, drive south and the weather gets colder, complete strangers insist on being your mate, and now this. You think you've seen it all, and then boom, it's winter in summer.