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Monday, June 15, 2015


Checking in from down under, en route to a place called Mount Gambier, this steady diet of buses, flights, hotels, shows, road grub, all interspersed with whatever bits of sleep one can scrape together, doggedly persists. 

Hotel security, Oz-style (hint: backwards)
It's an altogether different sort of simple life, but fortunately, whether looked at from the standpoint of blogging output or my overall sanity, this one is temporary, and anyway, it does have another upside.

After all, each week of this life banks almost two months of freedom back home, so I press on happily enough, comfortable in knowing that somewhere in the near future, a peaceful mountaintop awaits.

With the nearest bus a hundred miles away, and where the modest pile of cold, hard cash that I'm amassing will endure long after this daily grind has faded into distant memory.

In case you've ever wondered how beer is made...