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Monday, May 11, 2015

Back to Oz

It's a little ironic that preparing to go out on the road has taken up so much of this seasoned nomad's time over the past week, but it probably says something about how different the life of a vandweller is from that of a touring musician. Both living on the go for long stretches, but the similarities probably end there.

Wisdom from the ceiling of an LA jazz club
Tomorrow, I'll tuck my spaceship into a quiet corner of Q's compound and head to Australia for seven weeks of concerts with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. I'll be saying goodbye to my usual insanely high level of freedom in the meantime, but in a way, it's kind of a nice change to have someone else taking care of the minute details of my day-to-day life for a little while.

Q's new hydraulic lift in action
What time to get up, when to be on the bus, what time is sound check, when is dinner, the downbeat, etc... Life on tour is heavily scripted, but if nothing else, it provides a renewed appreciation for the sense of carte blanche that pervades my van-based life. And the resulting paycheck to fuel that van-based life is also pretty nice.