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Sunday, April 19, 2015


I came across this while looking for a practice room up at Western New Mexico University's music building yesterday:

Ah, the venerable Mac SE, complete with 9 inch monochrome display, 1MB of RAM, and a 10MB hard drive. How far we've come. The geezers out there will no doubt wax similarly about the Underwood, but the message is pretty much the same either way. Progress sure is something.

It's been just 25 years since the SE was discontinued, and the year-old smartphone in my back pocket is way more powerful. Not even close, actually. It makes you wonder what a similar exhibit will look like in another 25 years. They may have to provide a microscope so you can see it.

Thinking about it more later on, I realized that my spaceship is about the same age as that SE, and the parallels don't end there. Both models remain iconic to this day, their funky shape and design set them apart from a crowd of blah, and despite struggling to keep up with modern speed demons, both are still out there getting put to good use by nutjobs like me.