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Monday, April 20, 2015


One of my more boneheaded moves – which really is saying something – kept me hanging around Silver City for several days until earlier this afternoon. Middle of last week, I woke up in Truth or Consequences, and shortly after breakfast realized that I had no idea where my wallet was. 

A full day of searching followed, including tearing the van apart, backtracking all the way to Las Cruces to the last place I recalled using anything in the wallet, and just generally wracking my brain to figure out what the hell could've happened to it. The wallet, not my brain – that's been a mystery of its own for some time now.

By evening, I was ready to throw in the towel, so started canceling credit cards and ordering replacements to be sent down the road to Silver City. Exhausted from the day's efforts, I decided the drivers license and a few other things could wait a day, so crawled into bed, felt something odd, reached down deep into my sleeping bag, and...found my damn wallet.

Now, ordering new credit cards is a process that's about as reversible as a back-alley vasectomy, so I've had several days in Silver City to kick myself while waiting for the new cards to replace my perfectly good old ones. On the upside, I got to hang out a bit with fellow nomad Ed and his bud Patches.

Better still, Patches and Ed gave me a whole bunch of backpacking gear that they no longer use. I've been itching to go beyond mere day hiking for the past year or two, but my lack of gear has made for a pretty foolproof excuse for putting it off. No more though. I still have a few items to round up, and a bit of learning to do I suppose, but this lifelong cityslicker's first forays into overnight backpacking aren't too far around the corner.

Think of it – an All-Star Bonehead all alone in the wilderness for days at a time, with little more than his wits to guide him. What could possibly go wrong?