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Thursday, April 26, 2012


I continue to ease back into the nomadic routine I knew back in the days of The Falcon. You know, before it ever even occurred to me to extend my reach beyond the Los Angeles area.

This basically involves leapfrogging around town according to where I need or want to be, and of course, without ever having to think about "going back home" at day's end. I recall this being a big paradigm shift during my early days of living in The Falcon, but by now, even after having been gone for 15 months, it feels like old hat.

Starting with yesterday, for example, after spending a chunk of the afternoon hanging out in the Valley with a couple of friends, I rolled downtown to Daikokuya in Little Tokyo for some very happening late night ramen noodles...

The place is a very questionable-looking hole in the wall, but very likely as good a reason as any to visit LA. Ah, the power of soup! And yes, like the pie from the other day, this is some pretty solidly neolithic food, but some things are worth stepping out of the usual routine for every now and again. Pie and the above bowl of ramen qualify in this nomad's book. Take note, grasshoppers – this is not the same ramen you lived on for 20 cents at a time in your college dorm.

My plan was to make it down to Fullerton for a concert earlier this evening, so I spent last night in Little Tokyo doing some pretty hard core urban stealth camping, and shortly after rush hour died down this morning, I resumed the roll south. 

A quiet afternoon in a Fullerton park ensued while I got caught up on some orchestrating work, followed by a really killer performance this evening by the mighty Pacific Brass Ensemble. This group specializes in playing film music, some right along with the picture and some not, and they totally nailed a lot of very challenging stuff. I can't overstate just how refreshing it is to hear such seasoned pros do their thing. Being able to sit back, relax, and just know that the pitch and time are going to be dead on is not to be taken for granted. Check 'em out.

I briefly considered spending the night in some quiet corner of Fullerton, but with plans to do some playing early in the day tomorrow in Hollywood, I opted to do my time-tested "beat-the-traffic-the-night-before" routine and settle in just around the corner from where I'll need to be.

Listen up, LA traffic: after all this time, I still have you totally licked. It's not even a fair fight, really...


  1. Oh, the land of la hasn't changed, but you have. Can't wait to see how this part of the journey plays out when viewed through your finely crafted prism.

  2. Really good article on ultralight backpacking:

  3. I'm listening to some classic piano on Pandora right now. It's very relaxing.

  4. When I cheffed in Washington DC, I sometimes ate at PHO 75 twice a day.Pho,a beautiful Vietnamese bowl of meat broth, rice noodles, meat including tripe, cilanto and hot peppers, seved in dining hall ambience with strangers from every walk of life. It was $4.00 in the day and made me happy, happy, happy!

  5. Glenn, my Thanks to you for your blog. I remember reading a while back about your adventure in the Falcon and locking yourself out with it running and your amazing moves getting back in.

    You saved me! I just locked myself out of my Falcon, but because of your story, l had prepared myself and had a extra set of keys just inside the window you climbed in.


  6. Food tastes so much better in the late night hours!! And so fun to go get too...

  7. Just jumped on the "van"dwagon and have been catching up from the beginning for the last week or so. I've thoroughly enjoyed your journey and am dreaming of when the kids are grown and I can embark on my own adventure. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. You have changed but that is the point of a life journey is it not? Glad you got the chance to hear pitch perfect timing. A step above the HS students I gather. Enjoy your reunion with that big home town. I will find it interesting to see how long you stick around.


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