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Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Quiet in Small Town Texas

I continued rolling south out of Temple by late morning yesterday, intent on finding a cool historic town (or historical – Texas seems split down the middle as to the correct usage) with something going on. 

The historic part wasn't at all difficult, but finding a place that wasn't dead quiet on this Saturday proved all but impossible.

In town after town, I could practically hear a pin drop, and nowhere could I find that down home cafe serving up some good old Texas barbecue, or a rickety old saloon where I could suck on a Shiner while chewing the fat with the locals. Modest goals, but despite my best efforts, it felt as though all of Texas was conspiring to be wherever I was not on this day.

Places like these seem just as tragic as the faux-historic tourist traps I've lamented in the past. Stuccoed-over replicas amidst a sea of gift shops and junk food vendors will never fail to bore me, but perhaps equally regrettable is letting such authentic gems lie vacant, just waiting to fall irretrievably into decay.

Surely there must be a happy medium solution that can breathe life into all these turn-of-the-century time capsules while not Disney-fying them to death?

Alas, the day was not a total loss. Farm fresh free range eggs for only 2 bucks a dozen caught my eye in Bartlett, and I savored the opportunity to not only add to my supply, but also carry on an all-too-brief conversation with an actual person.


  1. Yep. And you called it the polar opposite of serenity. I knew it hadn't changed that much.

  2. Man, talk about deserted streets!! Sure there wasn't a rodeo or barbecue going on somewhere??

    Happy Trails..........John

  3. tell me where you are heading and I may be able to tell you of a few honky tonks...

  4. I don't know if your route has you headed down towards lockhart, or Luling... but if so you'll be able to enjoy some small town plesantries, great BBQ, and probably a Shiner or two. happy travels.

  5. Glenn

    Could it be they were all at home reading your blog ?

  6. the older folks go to church and church functions on sundays.

    the younger folks see no future in small towns, for various reasons, so they congregate in the suburbs around the big box stores and strip malls.

    the only thing constant is change.

    i guess they "suck on a Shiners" at sturgis once a year if you want some small town action.

    bob the yahooligan from perry pa.

  7. That's just how it is in them there parts on a Sunday...Giddyup :)

    GL in Houston

  8. Congrats on hitting a buck 30 on the page views!

  9. Glenn, I'm no expert on Central Texas but I did spend a week driving a circumference around Austin last year. I think you might find a bit more life, albeit still quaint and on the sleepy side, east and south of Austin. At least that was my experience. Someone mentioned Lockhart; I think that's home to one of those famous Texas barbecue joints; believe their pit has been going continuously since the great depression or something ridiculously forever like that. Also, I recall enjoying Elgin, Bastrop, Smithville, and Buda.

  10. One happy medium solution that I like, but a bit far north of you at present:

    An old town square full of books. Worth a stop if you're near Archer City, and a Larry McMurtry fan. I'm new to your blog so you may have already been! -epj

  11. You were in Granger! There is not much happening in that part of Texas. I know I'm late to the party. The west side of Austin, the Hill Country, would have been more happening. Safe travels!


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